UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Activist groups are mounting pressure for a thorough review of every case handled by Wanda Sue Larson.

The now former Union County DSS supervisor charged with child abuse and false imprisonment.

The Justice for All Coalition says having an independent, third party look at all of Larson's cases is the only way to get to the bottom of her alleged misconduct, which includes an 11-year-old boy under her guardianship found handcuffed to her porch with a dead chicken around his neck.

The big issue to them is how can anything Wanda Sue Larson did be trusted given the felony child abuse charges against her, since her job was to protect children.

Larson has since been fired from her job and remains in jail on a $520,000 bond.

For now, Union County isn't saying if it will review all of Larson's cases in her 10 years at the Union County DSS, just that it has asked the state to look into all aspects.

At a Monday news conference, people shared what they call their own injustices at the hands of DSS.

They also shared their own personal experiences with Wanda Sue Larson, which included getting letters from her saying their concerns didn't coincide with sufficient evidence.

The Justice for All Coalition is asking for a third party to intervene with this investigation of Wanda Sue Larson and her boyfriend. We're asking that the federal authorities come in and review her files, especially the files that have been closed, said founder Jeff Gerber.

A mother who says she dealt with Larson over a custody dispute says Larson was rude and unhelpful.

She told me if I didn't like it, that she has five children in foster care and she would have no problem whatsoever placing all my children in foster care if I didn't agree, the mother said.

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