SALISBURY, N.C. -- A judge in Salisbury has ruled that the two minor children of Sandy and Casey Parsons not to be returned to them until another hearing is held in juvenile court in January.

That is good news to Angela Laubsther, the great aunt of Erica Parsons, who was just reported as missing last summer after having been gone for two years.

Well we feel good that the kids are going to get to stay where they are, Laubsther said.

The two minor children of Sandy and Casey were removed by the Department of Social Services last summer after Erica was first reported missing.

The children were placed in the custody of Shirley Stone, the mother of Casey Parsons.

Stone testified on this, the last day of the hearing, which is being held behind closed doors because the children are both juveniles.

Later, outside, she said, I just want what is best for them and I do think that will be best with me.

Investigators have said they do not believe Sandy and Casey's story of turning over Erica to a family relative in Asheville is true.

After the hearing, Laubsther said it is difficult to have half the family pitted against the other.

It s very hard because we are all family. We love them and we care about them. We just wish they would let us know where Erica is.

Sandy and Casey Parsons left the courthouse without saying anything.

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