DALLAS They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop, ugly is universal and stretches far as the eye can see.

It's a pretty good selection, Emily Ziegler said.

She just happened to notice the shop, located in the Mockingbird Commons strip mall near Mockingbird Lane and Abrams Road.

They all look like they came from my mom's closet, so that's classy... perfect, she said.

The selection is extensive. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop boasts 10,000 ugly sweaters, vests, and some sweatshirts. In this case, classy, perfect really means tastelessly tacky, and it s exactly what holiday shoppers are looking for.

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Jeremy Turner is the owner. Many people know him as the operator of the VintageMobile, a school bus doubling as mobile store. Assistant manager Al Perez said since the shop opened this past weekend, people have been dropping in just to see what s inside.

Most of them are like, 'This is an awesome idea!' he said.

If by awesome, you mean hideous, then what's bad is good, and what's atrocious is even better.

Ziegler was browsing through a rack of sweaters for a tacky sweater party, one of the inspirations for the shop. She said tacky sweater quality is determined by the quantity of holiday symbols, characters, or nonsensical additions.

The more the merrier, for sure, she said.

Unlike many people who go to thrift stores in search of vintage treasures, no one at The Ugly Christmas Sweater shop is looking for shabby-chic.

People are just looking for the ugliest, most tacky sweater available, Perez said.

They are available for a limited time. The shop will have its formal grand opening Saturday and then close up shop on Dec. 21, but they will forever be legitimate fashion faux pas.

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