CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte Douglas Airport is trying to avoid a repeat of the Thanksgiving traffic mess that had travelers ditching cars on the highway and running to catch flights.

It's called Kiss and Fly, a new free service.

Hang out at the airport for even just a little bit, and you'll catch a lot of people kissing, and that s the inspiration for something new at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

The new Kiss and Fly lot, AKA long term parking lot 4, is a place where you can drop your loved one-- for free, and they can catch a shuttle to the terminal.

Charlotte borrowed the idea from other airports after the Thanksgiving traffic mess outside the terminal that had travelers ditching cars on Billy Graham Parkway and running to catch their flights.

The lot opened Tuesday morning, so only a few people have taken advantage so far.

It's also there for pick-up; travelers hop a shuttle from the terminal to the Kiss and Fly lot where they can be picked up.

The airport is trying the service out through the New Year and will decide then whether to continue the service.

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