CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Power crews, firefighters and police battled bitter cold Monday night along with various emergencies across the area.

The temperatures and wind made it challenging for emergency crews.

It certainly isn t ideal, but we re prepared for it. And we re expected to do that. We can operate as we should, Bat. Chief Lance Foulks said.

Firefighters took on a fire at town home on Sharon Road, and officers directed traffic in the area for hours.

More than 8,000 people also lost power when a transformer blew on Providence Road near Cavendish Court, which caused power lines to catch fire.

Fortunately I was able to get to a hotel room, neighbor Doug Gravely said. I have two small kids. I can t chance it waiting to see when the power is going to come back on.

The fire department said the fire was not heat related but there was not a smoke detector. The battalion chief said this is an important reminder, especially at this time of year, to have them installed.

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