UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- More than 800 people packed into the Marvin Ridge High School auditorium Tuesday night for the Union County Board of Education meeting. It was the first time parents could voice their opinions, in person, to board members on the controversial redistricting proposal.

Before the public forum began, the BOE removed an item from the agenda that would have allowed members to talk about alternatives to redistricting. Members agreed a day-old offer from the Board of Commissioners for $3 million to pay for 49 mobile classrooms made it tough to have a proper discussion. The move angered some parents.

Five people spoke out against redistricting during the allotted 30 minute public forum time slot. Many represented neighborhoods that will be split into new school clusters under the proposal.

Some parents said the board was rushing the redistricting, others claimed the problem of overcrowding was greatly exaggerated.

The BOE will discuss the BOCC offer, as well as other options, in a workshop that will likely be scheduled for next week.

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