CHARLOTTE, N.C. A chef who had a run in with Governor Pat McCrory on the job is now looking for a new one.

What's a few bucks or a hungry night or two when you can tell Pat McCrory what you really think? said Drew Swope, former chef at Reid s Fine Foods in Myers Park.

On Sunday, Swope said he spotted McCrory in the shop. At first, he approached the governor to offer assistance, but upon realizing who he was, Swope said he took the opportunity to confront the customer.

I said, Thanks for nothing. Then I walked away, said Swope.

The governor s office said Swope also made a rude gesture, which Swope denies. I knew what the repercussions were, but I have no regrets.

Swope said the governor became clearly agitated.

I thought nothing of it. He started yelling. Eyes bulged out of his head. And the rest is history.

The governor s office denies McCrory raised his voice.

Within an hour of the confrontation, Swope said his boss fired him. Now he s focused upon finding a job quickly. He said Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon called Tuesday requesting a resume and offering to help in the job search.

NBC Charlotte contacted the mayor s office for a comment but did not hear back.

I've got $200 in the bank, and that s it, said Swope.

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