HOUSTON A baby gorilla born by C-section at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is doing much better after a bout with pneumonia.

She was physically introduced to her mother, Imani, on Monday morning. Animal care staff placed the 12-day-old gorilla on a soft hay pile and then let Imani come in to meet her baby daughter for the first time. Imani examined the young gorilla by smelling her and then picked her up.

Since then, Imani holds the baby constantly and carries her everywhere.

Initially she was just carrying the baby, she never set the baby down, said Andrew Stallard, animal care supervisor at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. About three hours in, she began nursing the baby. After about a five-minute bout, the baby fell asleep, which is exactly what we were looking for so we were really excited!

The baby was delivered by C-section earlier this month because Imani was struggling during labor.

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