CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Neighbors in one of the areas hardest hit by the Mecklenburg County tax revaluation mess are about to get some money back in their pockets.

On Monday, Cornelius town leaders plan to approve refunds to nearly 180 homeowners totaling about $42,000.

Gerry Podesta is one of thousands of homeowners who thought the assessed tax value of his house didn't come close to making sense after Mecklenburg County's 2011 revaluation.

It was a significant change and the tax value went up significantly too, Podesta said.

Podesta estimates his taxes rose nearly 50 percent and were substantially higher than his neighbors'.

For some reason I was hit harder. I really can't figure out why that happened.

County leaders say the 2011 revaluation had significant problems, including inaccurate sales data, wide disparities between homes in same neighborhoods and very few in person inspections.

Podesta fought back.

He says he got $3,000 back from the county.

But there are two revaluation refund checks.

That's because towns also have to readjust to new revaluation numbers and issue refunds to those who overpaid.

Town records indicate Podesta will get about $1,500 back.

It's somewhat bringing me back to where I was before the revaluation between the two properties. It's more realistic with the property and the property value and what I think the house is worth, so it's good, he said.

To date, the county has issued just over 3,000 refunds, totaling just under $1.5 million.

Appraisers working the revaluation redo are in several neighborhoods a week, but they won't be done until next year.

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