CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Search warrants unsealed this week detail a list of items taken during searches done by the FBI after the arrest last month of former Mayor Patrick Cannon.

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Perhaps the most important item mentioned is a Brown Fossil carrying case, found by FBI agents in the mayor s office at the Government Center.

That case, agents say, contained a payment of $20,000 delivered to Cannon by an undercover FBI operative. The FBI says Cannon believed the man was a developer looking for Cannon to help with zoning issues.

During a search of Cannon s home in Ballantyne, agents say they seized a Glock semi-automatic handgun and $7,680 in cash.

At Cannon s office at his company called EZ Parking, agents took computers and financial records.

NBC Charlotte is reading over the documents. Watch NBC Charlotte at 4, 5 and 6 for Rad Berky's full report.

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