CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- One in six.

Think about those numbers.

Right now, one in six Americans is dealing with hunger.

One in six.

This can help people like a local mom and dad who fell on hard times.

For Heather Oliver, simply making a PB&J sandwich for her daughter Stella is a small miracle.

I was five months pregnant and fired from my job, she says.

Her husband Marco lost his around the same time.

We went from doing really, really well to nothing, really fast, all at once.

All at once, the Olivers, who both attended college and had jobs, had a baby without an income. They turned to Loaves & Fishes for help. The three rounds of groceries saved them.

I was really intimidated. I thought they d think less of me as a person because I didn t have enough to take care of my family, Heather said.

Loaves and Fishes didn t judge, and soon, Marco got a job. Money s still tight.

We have prepaid phone cards, so if we can t afford them, then we don t have phones.

And if clothes need to be altered, Heather sews. She rarely shops.

I got a free Kohl s gift car for $10. I bought Stella a $2 T-shirt and nightgown.

It s not much, but they ve gotten food. The couple believes the tough times are behind them.

A national special aiming to Outnumber Hunger will air on NBC Charlotte at 8 p.m. Friday.

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