CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Jobs don't last forever. When one industry goes away, another seems to appear.

This week, we saw a list of some careers that could be really big in about a decade or two. NBC Charlotte's Jeremy Markovich took a look at the future, by looking at the past.

We dug through the archives to find this robot exhibition in uptown Charlotte, which came complete with futuristic music. What's old, is apparently back in fashion because in the year 2030, Robot Counselor will be a hot job.

According to a report from the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan, in the year 2030, a robot counselor will quote, be a resource for picking the right bot for a family.

Also on the list of future jobs, aquaponic fish farmer, solar technology specialist, healthcare navigator, and tele-surgeon.

There will be nostalgists, interior designers that recreate memories for retired people, and re-wilders, which will undo damage done to the environment.

Even garbage designers, people turn trash into new products.

A look into the future is fun, but let's go back to 1984.

Back then, bank teller was a hot job. Now, thanks to ATMs and bank cutbacks, not so much. It's also no longer a hot job to work at a video store, even though the VCR was brand new technology then.

Bottom line, it's hard to predict what the future looks like, even if you do have a hard time picking out the right robot.

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