A government campaign designed to scare, shock and disgust smokers out of their deadly habit is back with several new ads.

The latest Tips From Former Smokers ads from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released Tuesday, feature two middle-aged people who lost their teeth, a man with a hole in his throat, woman who had a premature baby and another woman who died, all from smoking.

I don't want anyone to go through what I'm going through, says the woman identified as Terrie from North Carolina, who'sshown in her hospital bed days before her death from oral and throat cancer at age 53.

Video shown below; Mobile users watch here

The ads are tough to watch, but effective, officials say. Smokers have told us these ads help them quit by showing what it's like to live every day with disability and disfigurement from smoking, CDC director Tom Frieden said in a statement.

CDC also says the ads, launched in 2012, are still needed. Despite declines in smoking, 18% of adults still smoke cigarettes and 21% use some form of tobacco product every day or most days, according to a report also released Tuesday.

On July 7, the new ads will begin running for nine weeks on television, radio and billboards, online, and in theaters, magazines, and newspapers. All of the ads and background stories on the participants are at CDC's website.

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