CHARLOTTE, NC -- I m alone and I have to have that income!

That s what 75-year-old Toncie Ball told NBCCharlotte when we interviewed her as Social Security was threatening to stop her benefits for a mistake they made.

Viewers were outraged that Social Security was demanding the repayment of $3,771 for a mistake they say they made when they overpaid Ball.

Page 3 of the letter Toncie got from Social Security said pay it back or the federal government might hold her benefit checks, all of them, for almost four months, until the money is paid back.

But I ve never seen those amounts they have listed there, it s never changed, I got no bonus checks, no $200, $400, $600, never, said Toncie.

We immediately went to Toncie s defense and contacted Social Security which promised to investigate, which they did.

After our first report, Toncie says Social Security admitted the mistake and wiped out the debt she didn t owe. Here s the best part, during the investigation, Social Security realized they owed Toncie money, $314 dollars to be exact.

Toncie got her check and her benefits are going to be fine and on time.

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