CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBC News says British scientists have made a big step toward creating a simple blood test that would predict the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers at King's College in London say it's likely the test would be available for families here in Charlotte in the next two years.

The study tested over a thousand people with early stages of memory loss and tested certain proteins in the blood associated with brain shrinkage. A combination of 10 specific proteins led the scientists to accurately predict Alzheimer's with 87 percent accuracy.

Here in Charlotte, The Ivey is an adult daycare that works with seniors who are dealing with dementia, or Alzheimer's. Basic skills are taught, while the clients can still learn, so that they have them to use later on their journey. The goal of The Ivey is to allow senior to age in place, within the home of their choosing.

Lynn Ivey is the founder. She lost her mother to memory loss. There isn't a cure. Unfortunately, it never gets any better, it's always going to get worse. Ivey adds that early detection is crucial for the person with Alzheimer's and his or her family.

It's very important because there's so much hope that goes with, oh my goodness, I hope he is not going down that path toward dementia. So you miss opportunities. You miss opportunities to keep your brain stimulated. You miss opportunities to interact with peers. You miss opportunities to make plans for your life.

One of the reasons medications aren't effective is because we are giving it to them too late in the course of the disease, said Charlotte Dr. Reza Bodouri.

Bodouri runs Alzheimer's Memory Center off Wendover Road. He is encouraged by the blood test breakthroughs. I have a feeling in the next couple of years we should have a better understanding as to what exactly these proteins are and what we're detecting that sets the patients with Alzheimer's verses non-Alzheimer's apart.

Everyone agrees that early detection is key to making the most of the time left. It is the best doctors can do at this moment.

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