CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Security was very tight at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse for the first appearance of a man accused in the Speed Street murder.

Antonio Thompkins surrendered Friday night. He s charged with first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon in the shooting that claimed the life of Antwan Smith.

Only two family members attended Thompkins' hearing. His sister declined to talk afterward.

What does it feel like to see your brother in this situation? we asked her.

I don t have anything to say, she replied.

Thompkins was denied bond on the murder charge and given a court appointed attorney.

Only family and the media were allowed into the hearing because of concerns about gang violence.

Obviously we keep everyone separate just makes it easier to control so you don t have a melee or something like that, said Captain K.A. Rahe who heads up security at the courthouse for the sheriff.

Several of Thompkins' relatives showed up late for the hearing. They continue to say he is an innocent man and the real killer needs to step forward.

Shimona Jones is Thompkins godmother.

Just pleading and wanting the person who did it to step forward so he can be released and let out, she said.

The judge gave Thompkins a $150,000 bond on the assault with a deadly weapon charge. But of course he won t be going anywhere until he has a bond hearing on the murder charge. The hearing is sheduled for June 15.

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