ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A man and woman were arrested this weekend after police say they robbed a pharmacy at gunpoint, shot at an officer, stole an elderly woman's car, and led police on a chase before being caught in the woods behind a northern Rock Hill neighborhood.

Joseph Quinn III, 34, and Nancy Fetter, 21, are being charged with armed robbery, attempted murder of a police officer, first degree burglary, and auto theft -- to name a few -- said Lt. Brad Redfearn of Rock Hill Police Dept.

Lt. Redfearn said two people robbed the CVS pharmacy on Heckle Blvd. shortly after noon Sunday and stole pills, including Oxycodone. Police chased the robbers to a lot behind the Food Lion on Ebenezer Road, where the couple ditched their truck and fired two shots at an officer, said Redfearn.

Redfearn said the man and woman then ran through the woods into a neighborhood behind the Food Lion. Alice Linn said they showed up at her door. The man wanted to use her phone, and she opened her door just a crack to hand him a cordless phone.

When I opened the door, he jerked it all the way open and shoved me back, said Linn, and he said, 'I want your keys'.

Linn said she fought back and ran outside. She saw a woman standing next to her car, and the woman tried to stop her. Linn said she fought the woman too, and began screaming for help.

They came out and he said to me, 'If you don't go back inside, I'm gonna hurt you bad', she said, and I just kept on screaming.

She said the couple ran into her apartment and grabbed her keys, but not her purse. Then they climbed into her car and sped away just as police arrived.

The police followed the car to Brittany Meadows, a neighborhood off Mt. Gallant Road near Lake Wylie. Connie Counts had gotten a reverse-911 call warning of the suspects, just before she went out in her back yard to feed lettuce scraps to nearby deer.

She came face to face with Quinn. And he says, 'Lady I'm not gonna hurt you. Don't say anything to anybody', she recalled.

Quinn said she followed her instincts and ran into her house to call police. If he was willing to shoot a police officer, he wouldn't think twice about killing me, remarked Counts.

In minutes, a dozen police and SWAT officers were in her back yard, taking Quinn and Fetter into custody.

The two were taken to Piedmont Medical Center after admitting they ate some of the stolen pills. Police are guarding their rooms overnight, and the pair will be taken to jail in the morning.

When asked if she felt like a hero for turning in two armed robbery suspects, Connie Counts said no.

I just did what was the right thing to do, she said. I don't feel like a hero.

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