CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In any trip to the grocery store, have you ever wondered 'Am I getting what I pay for?'

NewsChannel 36 bought random products from a local store. These products included laundry soap, kitty litter, chips, toilet paper, shampoo, candy, Windex, grapes, dog food and orange juice.

The idea is to weigh, measure, and count everything to make sure what the product promises you is actually there.Bill also timed a parking meter to see if you really get 30 minutes for your 50 cents.

After several hours of counting, weighing, and measuring with brand new scales, we found that everything we bought was spot on. In fact, we were actually given more than promised on the package of several products.

The one-and-a-half pound bag of grapes was actually two pounds.The bag of candy has six extra pieces, and the orange juice gave us three ounces more than was promised.

Tom Bartholomy is president of the Better Business Bureau in Charlotte and says complaints about consumers being shorted are way down.

In a prior count of the toilet paper, we were shorted 72 sheets.When NewsChannel 36 inquired why, the toilet paper company told us calls like that are welcomed.

The executive also said that machines put it on those cardboard rolls and that sometimes you can be shorted a few squares.They even offered to send us a free roll, but we declined.

Consumer advocates say if you get shorted, save your product and speak up.
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