CHARLOTTE, NC -- Neighbors in Plaza Midwood say they're the latest Charlotte community to see an influx of coyotes. Only about a mile outside of uptown Charlotte, Plaza Midwood is the most urban area to report coyotes recently.

I really don't understand why it's so close into the city, said Christopher Milligan, who says he spotted a coyote Monday night on Belvedere Avenue. He managed to snap a few photographs from the safety of his SUV and forwarded them to NewsChannel 36.

I noticed it by the ears...I thought it was a wolf at first. It kind of freaked me out.

Milligan says he saw a different coyote a few weeks ago in mid-December. Other neighbors agree and claim they've seen several different coyotes.

Coyote sightings have spiked around south Charlotte over the past few months. NewsChannel 36 has been contacted by many neighbors concerned about their presence. In several instances, family pets have been attacked by the coyotes.

So far, no coyote attacks have been reported in Plaza Midwood.

He seemed more afraid of me than I was of him, said Milligan.

State and local authorities won't capture or kill coyotes unless they've attacked a person or pet, or if the coyote is believed to be rabid.

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