Latest crime fighting effort targets repeat offenders

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On a day when Charlotte-Mecklenburg police reported a drop in crime for the month of July, the department also took the wraps off a new program to target chronic, repeat offenders.

According to CMPD, crime in the county was down in July in all major categories. Violent crimes were down 5 percent from the numbers reported in June and property crimes were down almost 9 percent from June.

Compared to July of last year, the numbers look even better. Both violent crimes and property crimes were down in double digits.

The department believes a new program targeting repeat offenders is helping.

"Arrests aren't enough," said Deputy Chief Kerr Putney. "We have to make better cases and keep these offenders off the streets."

The department pointed to the recent arrests of two men. Eric Orr, 23, has been arrested by CMPD 29 times and 29-year-old Jarvis Williams has 45 arrests. Both men are now locked up on high bonds facing serious felony charges.

CMPD has targeted individuals with long records in all parts of the city and will try to build similar felony cases against them.

Since June, police say they have already nabbed 17 repeat offenders, and that helps keep crime stats down.

"We feel like we are working on the right people who are causing us the biggest amount of problems," said Deputy Chief Jerry Sennett.

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