CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police have arrested a man who may have exposed himself to more than half a dozen women - while riding a bicycle.

Officers with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Providence Division arrested Michael Wayne Adams without incident at his home on Linwood Drive Monday.

Investigators said that on January 25, Adams exposed himself to a woman on East Park Avenue, right across the street from Dilworth Elementary School.

Additionally, he has been charged with indecent exposure for another incident on February 5 where investigators said he exposed himself to a woman walking her dog along another part of East Park Avenue.

Police said it was information from the victims and a tip that led them to arrest Adams.

Investigators are working to determine if Adams is the man responsible for several other incidents around the city including two near the campus of Johnson and Wales University.

The incidents had shocked students like Julia Kesselem who said she was relieved an arrest had been made.

I finally feel like I'm safe without feeling I need to be worried about having a guy like that riding around showing everything to girls, Kesselem said.

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