CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you go to a Charlotte Catholic sporting event, you're going to see one thing. Fans decorated in red and white. It's a school tradition that parents and athletes live by.

But on a recent Monday night, at the women's lacrosse game against Ardrey Kell, the sea of red and white was overshadowed by pops of pink. The fans changed their colors in an effort to show support for one of their own -- a mom of an athlete who recently learned she had breast cancer.

The diagnosis is devastating, said breast cancer survivor Jen Pagani. Pagani should know. She is fighting a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. But at the Charlotte Catholic Lacrosse Game she was more concerned about another woman's battle.

It's overwhelming, said Charlotte Catholic mom Anna Strassner about the support she's received. I've cried little about the diagnosis and more because of the love and support I feel, she said.

The mother of three is also the mother of an athlete on the lacrosse team. When the girls on the lacrosse team learned Strassner had stage two invasive breast cancer, they wanted to help.

We have every bit of support we can imagine, said Strassner. Her daughter Peri is a junior on the team. My mom's an awesome person, she's very strong, she said.

The family was thankful for the offers of food and help, but wanted to throw their support another way. They met Pagani through friends and learned about her Go Jen Go Foundation to help women in need as they go through treatment and recovery.

So, with the family's blessing, the team came up with a fund raising idea. For every goal they make throughout the season, they'll take pledges and donate the money to Go Jen Go.

It's a great support system that helps you get through it, said Peri Strassner.

The money is adding up. So far, the team has raised close to $4,000 and the season has just begun.

To me, it's awesome. Here she is newly diagnosed in January and they're already doing things to make a difference, said Pagani.

What does Strassner hope the girls take from the experience?

They are doing something and they are somebody and they're doing something to help someone else, she said.

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