CHARLOTTE, N.C. When you buy a bed, it usually arrives in a box and wrapped in plastic, but that s not what Isaiah Dunifer received from Discount Furniture on South Boulevard in Charlotte.

It didn t come out of a box, it came like this, Dunifer said while pointing to the box spring, which is torn and has dirt on it.

Dunifer said he paid about $1,250 for a sectional sofa and a bed, and says the bed looked pristine in the store. But when it arrived on the truck, it was out of the plastic and was visibly dirty.

I mean, you could get bed bugs without the plastic said Dunifer.

Discount Furniture s written policy on the invoice clearly spells out No Refunds. At the Better Business Bureau in Charlotte NewsChannel 36 found the store s F rating and 15 consumer complaints, 12 of which are unresolved.

BBB President Tom Bartholomy said if the goods arrive broken and dirty or the items delivered are not what you bought, you have an out for the No Refund policy.

In the parking lot of Discount Furniture NewsChannel 36 stumbled into Wanda Green, who also bought a bed there and told NewsChannel 36 the bed that was delivered was not the pillow top bed she bought.

Wanda told the manager of the store, You don t even treat your customers right. Green said she tried to return the lesser quality bed, but the store wouldn t budge. She ended up tiring of the fight and just kept the bed. She added the store refunded her $50 for shipping her wrong bed.

When NewsChannel 36 was about to leave the parking lot of Discount Furniture, a man named Nor, who said he was the manager, showed up and began snapping photos of the I-Team.

He told us we had no right to film his store and said he was going to call the police. NewsChannel 36 told him to do so and we also asked him why he has an F rating with the Charlotte BBB and why he has 15 complaints against his store, 12 of which are still unresolved.

Nor declined to answer those questions and retreated to his car.

NewsChannel 36 asked him if he was going to return Dunifer s money and he said they still have the furniture. Nor also said he would ship the Dunifer s a new bed and a new sofa, but they said, All we want is our money back. They can come pick it up.

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