MOORESVILLE, N.C. --It was supposed to be modeled after Huntersville's popular Birkdale Village, but the Mooresville town council just approved a change in plans that has people living nearby the new development frustrated.

Suzy and Bill Ansley carefully chose their high end Mooresville neighborhood for their retirement.

We wanted an upscale neighborhood, Bill said.

But now they're frustrated because the Langtree development borders their community. It s been in the works for more than five years and is finally underway, but way different than originally planned.

It s a whole different ballgame and that s why we're upset, Suzy said.

This week the town council voted to allow for some changes that the Ansley's and their neighbors tried to fight.

They knew the people of this community did not want it, Suzy added.

Going against the planning board recommendations, the council allowed for two drive-thru restaurants to be added.

And there have been other changes.

Originally it was supposed to be high end condos, now its rental apartments, supposed to have Embassy Suites, now they're gone. So the thing is just sliding down the hill, Bill said.

The developer acknowledges the condos will now instead be apartments, but theysaid in a statement, It is being developed as it has always been envisioned; as an upscale, mixed-use destination.

They also told us when finished, there will be 300 apartments and more than 50,000 square feet of retail.

The Ansley's and many of their neighbors aren't buying it.

They promised us the world, said there would be a green areas, Suzy said.
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