CHARLOTTE, N.C. Family members of Jordan Mcnair and Hannah Roberts say their children are getting stronger by the day after the E. coli outbreak.

Hannah, 5, is expected to be released from Levine Children s hospital on Monday.

It s going to be bitter sweet because we re leaving so many of our friends behind at the hospital, said Tracy Roberts.

Tracy said their little girl has been away from home for almost two weeks.

Hannah and Jordan Mcnair are among 98 people impacted by the E. coli outbreak stemming from the Cleveland County fair. Health officials believe the source of the outbreak is linked to the fair s petting zoo. Those impacted by E. coli had reached as high as 106 people before dropping over the weekend.

The Roberts family spent the weekend cleaning their home in thoroughly in anticipation of Hannah's return.

She woke up this morning and wanted scrambled eggs and ketchup. So that's a very good sign, getting an appetite back, said father MikeRoberts. She didn't eat for about a week to two weeks. And that was kind of tough, seeing her with no appetite. But seeing her getting her appetite back, it's encouraging.

Jordan s mother, meanwhile, had good news on Sunday--the 12-year-old is gradually improving.

They took him off the ventilator on Friday, said Beth Mcnair. He s also off of the CRT machine.

Jordan s grandmother, Bennie Mclannon, held a prayer vigil for her grandson on Saturday.

I believe prayer does work and the more noise we make, the more it will work. I just felt like if I could get a lot of people together to make noise, it would all be okay, McIannon said.

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