Another day of unstable weather on Tuesday brought more beauty to the sky.

Many people got their cameras out when double rainbows appeared over downtown Seattle.

On Sunday, rainbows and double rainbows were seen from Everett to Bellevue to Kingston. And on Saturday, rare waterspouts were seen near Everett.

The rainbows bring to mind the video that went viral (now at more than 35 million views) back in 2010 when Paul Vasquez, known as Hungry Bear, spent an hour videotaping a double rainbow at Yosemite National Park.

It's a full on, double rainbow all the way across the sky, Vasquez says in amazement.

What does it mean? he says.

His apparent ecstasy at the sight was what made the video catch fire.

That video was then autotuned and posted on YouTube as the Double Rainbow Song - which has gotten more than 31 million views.

If you've got photos of our double rainbows, we want to see them. Post them on our Your News page:

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