CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Beach Boys made them part of a hit song, and Walt Hollifield has made it part of his life's work. The Pontiac GTO holds a special place in the lore of American car lovers.

NBC Charlotte Sports Director, Chris Clark, recently got a VIP tour of Hollifield s remarkable collection of GTOs which Clark featured on an edition of his series Cribs, Caves and Cars.

Hollifield showed off several of his prized vehicles, including a 1967 GTO in Hertz Gold.

Hollified said the car is absolutely drivable, although most people would not appreciate paying for the gas, because it would get just about six miles per gallon.

Another car cherished by Hollifield is a blue 1968 GTO once owned by driver Ken Deckman.

Many of Hollifield's cars are a reflection of an era long gone. They are restored to their original conditions, which in many cases do not include seatbelts, or even rear view mirrors.

One restoration of a 389 Tri Power took Hollifield and his crew a year to complete, right down to the steering wheel. No detail was too small.

The most valuable piece of his GTO collection may just be his 1970 Ram Air IV The Judge. The black beauty is one that Hollified believes is among five originally painted black.

It was once owned by the great grandson of Ulysses S. Grant. Hollifield said at one time 24 states outlawed the Ram Air IV Judge.

Similar models have sold at auction for almost $400,000.

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