A UNC Chapel Hill student says the university has slapped her with an honor code violation for publicly talking about an alleged rape.

Landen Gambill says she was attacked by an ex-boyfriend over a year ago while she was a freshman. Now, the honor court claims Gambill is intimidating her accused attacker by being outspoken about the alleged crime.

I ve been talking to the media about the way the university has mistreated me, and that's why I think the university's decision to charge me with an honor code violation is an example about their retaliation against me for speaking out, Gambill explained.

UNC says the school does not tell student prosecutors which cases to bring before the honor court, and denies any wrong-doing.

Gambill never filed a police report at the time of the alleged attack.

Says she went public with her story in order to make UNC Chapel Hill safer for all students.

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