CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you haven't heard of the Cinnamon Challenge, you're not alone.

However, it's a new fad that doctors in the Charlotte area say parents need to know about. Doctors say the cinnamon challenge can be very dangerous.

Some kids have even landed in the emergency room The objective of the challenge involves swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon in less than minute without drinking anything. The person then uploads the video to YouTube.

In fact, there are more than 50,000 videos with thousands of likes. According to the he journal Pediatrics, 178 calls were placed to poison control centers in 2012.

That's up from 51 calls in 2011. Doctors say ingesting that much cinnamon is risky.

It's very small and your body doesn't have a way to get rid of it so causes a lot inflammation, you can get fluid on the lungs, you can get pnemonia, you can get reactive airway disease, kind of like asthma, said Dr. Mary Faison Knox of Southpark Family Physicians.

Dr. Faison Knox recommends parents talk to their teen about the Cinnamon Challenge before it's too late.

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