MECKLENBURG, N.C. -- Crews placed the last of the inner loop barriers Thursday.

Now, it will take crews six to eight days to get the barriers on I-485 from I-77 to Johnston Road.

Once those are up, the guide rails and the grass median will disappear, since this is the stretch that will be widened from two to three lanes on both sides.

The lanes have definitely narrowed, said driver John Brookman.

That's one thing Brookman has noticed about his commute.

The lanes are normally 12 feet wide. Officials say they are now 11 feet wide in that area due to the concrete barrier placement.

People haven't cut down their speeds even though the lanes have been narrowed, so I think it has become a little more dangerous, Brookman said.

Two sets of orange lines are another thing Brookman has noticed.

It s not confusing, he said.

Others disagree and say the newest line at times seems squiggly.

We took a closer look. One issue in a few spots is that it appears tires drove over the orange paint when it was still wet and created their own lines.

Neither the barriers nor the lines are enough to bother driver Jason Tines.

Haven't seen any issues, no issues coming in this morning, everything was pretty smooth.

In a couple weeks crews will start building the new Johnston Road interchange. Don't expect to see much at first, since a lot of the preliminary work will be in the dirt off the interstate.

Officials say expect a lot of work at a fast pace to get the widening done by December 4, 2014.

It s just part of growth. I think in the long run it will definitely be better, Brookman said.

The North Carolina Department Of Transportation will not have any closures starting next Wednesday through Memorial Day due to Race Week activities in Charlotte and Concord.

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