CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some Charlotte City Council members appeared skeptical heading into a Monday evening meeting with City Manager Ron Carlee in which he was expected to outline a renewed push for the streetcar project, now re-branded the CityLYNX Gold Line.

It's going to be built with the people's gold, said Republican Councilman Andy Dulin, early opponent of the project, saying it was too costly. They might as well call it the platinum line that would be better.

Attempts to address the project last year resulted in council gridlock. Six of the eleven council members are against paying for a streetcar extension with local taxpayer money.

The one-mile starter project from Time-Warner Cable Arena to Presbyterian Hospital is already under construction and paid for.

It's a phoenix. It doesn't die. It keeps rising, said Democratic councilwoman Claire Fallon.

Fallon said she remained open-minded , but skeptical.

Last week, Carlee told reporters the proposal would not include a property tax increase.

Supporters of the CityLYNX Gold Line , including Mayor Foxx, have said it would reinvigorate neighborhoods in east & west Charlotte like the LYNX Blue line has done for areas in south Charlotte.

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