WEDDINGTON, N.C. -- You could call it the tussle over a tower.

Monday night the Weddington town council will choose where a new water tower will go either on Hemby Road or on Weddington Matthews road.

Homeowners in both communities are not thrilled.

There's a reason most people move to Weddington.

We like this area because of the rural setting the large lots, country feel but yet close enough to metropolitan area like Charlotte, Bill Deter said.

Deter, who has gone before the town council on the issue, is worried that's all in danger.

Instead of concentrating commercially in the town center area its now going to spread it out across the community. That s my big concern, he said.

For years, the town council has been trying to figure out where to put a water tower -- and has narrowed it down to two possibilities: along Hemby Road in a residential area or behind the Weddington Corners shopping center.

Jon Hoin says, Nobody wants to see it and that s what would contribute to lowering property values.

Hoin says the kicker is his neighborhood won't even use the water in the 18 story tower -- they're using well water.

Hoin adds, We get to look at it but we don t benefit from it.

The council is expected to vote Monday night.

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