MECKLENBURGCOUNTY, N.C. -- Kids swimming at two local parks will get free bottled water this summer, and it's meant to help fight childhood obesity.

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation teamed up with AquaBall to provide 10,000 bottles of flavored water this summer at the Cordelia and Double Oaks pools.

Two-thousand more bottles will go to a local kids group.

The goal is giving kids a healthier alternative to high-sugar, high-calorie drinks like sodas, Kool-Aid and fruit juices.

Experts say 19-percent of North Carolina kids are obese, and the numbers are worse for minorities in lower income areas.

Batt Humphreys of True Drinks explains, If you subtract that sugar, subtract that one soda, it makes a difference, because with each soda that a child drinks a day, their risk of obesity goes up 60-percent, and it's a cumulative effect, so just knocking out that one soda makes a real difference.

The bottled water is spherical in shape, and depict cartoon characters to be more appealing to children.

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