CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte bike cop just narrowly avoided a tragedy, surviving an accident similar to the one that killed a Myers Park High School student last year.

But he says there's an easy fix.

I have some road rash, as they call it, on my arm, Officer Joel Wing said.

Wing regularly patrols South Park on his bike, but last Tuesday he wrecked around rush hour on busy Sharon Lane when he ran into a trash can left on the sidewalk.

I tried to slow down and get around it. As I was passing it, the handle bar clipped the trash can enough that it threw me out into the road. Luckily, it broke the helmet and not me. I was very fortunate to have it.

Wing had just one thought.

I knew there were cars coming up behind me, and when I was thrown in the road, my initial reaction was to get out as fast as I could, so that I wouldn t be hit by a car.

It happened on just one house down from where the same kind of incident happened, which killed Myers Park High student Drew Wright just one year ago.

The 14 year old was on his way to school. He swerved to avoid a trash can when he was hit and killed by a passing truck.

Officer Wing said, Based on what happened last year with Drew, and then this year with myself, it s clearly a problem.

After the Myers Park freshman was killed, Charlotte passed an ordinance requiring that roll out trash cans be kept off sidewalks. Wing says a lot of people seem to be ignoring it.

It s obviously extremely unsafe. Sidewalks are used frequently by children, bicyclists, he said.

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