CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- This week thousands in our area, some residents are getting their last check from unemployment.

That s because state leaders passed a new law changing the way people who are unemployed get help.

More than 7,000 in Mecklenburg County are impacted and 70,000 statewide.

Tina Jackson is a single mother of three girls. Her youngest is still at home and her middle daughter heads to college in the fall. A few years ago she went back to school herself hoping for a better life for her girls.

I couldn t make it on nine and eight dollars an hour in fast food, factory jobs, so I went back to get a better education, she said.

She graduated and got a job, but just a year in, she is struggling again.

They said it was a management decision. They downsized so now I m on unemployment.

Jackson is worried because her unemployment runs out in a few months and the federal help that would have kicked in is gone.

North Carolina was the first state to change the way it handles jobless claims and the changes mean the Tarheel State is now ineligible for federal help. The new laws also mean people just filing for unemployment will get less money.

I m from New York, so I m really not too fond of North Carolina right now. I feel like they don t give people help.

Jackson stopped by the state unemployment offices Friday, where workers tell NBC Charlotte they are getting a lot of phone calls from people worried about when they're checks will stop.

The answer? Friday.

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