When shopping at the grocery store, it's hard not to notice the number of products touted as a good source of a protein.

But are we getting too much of a good thing?

Research that shows protein can help shed pounds and keep people fuller has led to an increase in consumption. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by food manufacturers.

With the price of meat and poultry going up, consumers are relying on new options like almond milk or even water.

But while protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says it should only make up 10 to 35 percent of an individuals daily categories.

Too much protein can stress the kidneys, lead to a loss of calcium and cause dehydration.

Instead, people should try to eat around 25 grams of protein at every meal and control portion sizes.

For those eating a high-protein diet, make sure to cut back on carbohydrates and fat, otherwise you could gain weight instead of lose it.

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