CLEVELANDCOUNTY, N.C. -- An informant for the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office helped authorities foil a murder-for-hire plot.

Officials say in June, Deanna Michelle Pruitt, of Shelby, solicited a man to kill an acquaintance for money. Unbeknownst to Pruitt, her prospective hit man was an informant for the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, authorities say.

Detectives and the informant worked together to collect evidence on the murder-for-hire plot, leading Pruitt to become suspicious that the prospective hit man may be a police informant.

Last Friday, authorities say Pruitt visited the Sheriff's Office to talk with investigators about her suspicions. During her interview with investigators, officials say Pruitt admitted she attempted to hire the man to kill an acquaintance of hers.

Pruitt was arrested immediately after the interview and charged with solicitation to commit murder. She was denied bond.

Authorities say the investigation into the matter continues.

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