LOOKOUT SHOALS, N.C. -- Catawba County Emergency Management has issued a voluntary evacuation for Carpenter's Cove on Lookout Shoals Lake, but some residents are waiting before they move out.

Lakeside residents on Ridge Street kept an eye on the lake creeping up their back yards Saturday, hesitant to leave.

Duke Energy said it would cut off power to the flood-prone area if Lookout Shoals Lake reached 104 feet, which is four feet above full pond. Residents still had power late in the afternoon as the lake crept to 104 briefly before receding slightly.

Water poured over Lookout Shoals Dam at the southern end of the lake, while open gates on Oxford Dam to its north continued to move water downstream.

Betsy Lindler's family has owned a home on Ridge Street since 1965. She kept a wary eye out on her back yard, which has already flooded this summer.

We're very worried, said Lindler. Some of our friends have homes and live there full time. We can't count on water levels anymore.

At least 50 roads and bridges are washed out or impassible in Catawba County, according to emergency management officials. At least six will be closed for at least three months while damage is repaired.

Another half dozen roads are closed for repairs in the city of Hickory, while Lincoln County's list includes 15 streets.

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