CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Temperature is in the 90 s with the type of humidity that brings an instant sweat and makes your clothes stick to your skin as soon as you walk out of the house.

None of this matters to for he is in search of autographs.

Every practice, a legion of football fans line up along the fence hoping for a scribble from a passing Panther -- each with their own technique.

Basically I just say mister in front of the last name, explained Dustin Capps. They are nice enough to come over and it shows respect to the players, he said.

Jason Harris takes a different approach.

We learned that Jon Beason s favorite song was Peanut Butter Jelly and we sing that and he dances two years in a row for us, smiled Jason.

I also found out looking for an autograph is a lot like looking for real estate. It s all about location, location, location.

We start at the end of the fence when practice begins, said Capps. At the end of practice we move to the middle of the fence because the players start there and walk down, he said.

Along the way, these fans also get a great story to go along with the autograph. Like this unforgettable encounter one woman had with Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith.

There was this lady next to me and she had this big poster of Steve Smith, recalled Jason. (Steve Smith) was starting to sign and as he did she said oh no I didn t want you to sign there I wanted you to sign somewhere else and he stopped mid signature, Jason continued,

(Smith) asked ma am are you married? She said yes , Smith asked her do you like it when your husband comes in your kitchen and messes with your pots and pans?, she said not really . Smith said well this is my kitchen and you are messing with my pots and pans , said Capps.

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