SALISBURY, N.C. -- Saturday, the grandparents of Erica Parsons reclaimed the home where Erica is last known to have been living prior to her disappearance two years ago.

Steve and Janet Parsons own the home that they had been renting to Sandy, their son, and his wife Casey.

(Click here to see photos inside the home)

Sandy and Casey were Erica's adoptive parents and have been evicted by Steve and Janet Parsons, who say they're owed back rent.

They also hope to collect money for damages they say was done to the house and the property on Miller Chapel Road.

Sandy and Casey finished moving out over the last couple of weeks and it is not clear now where they have gone to live.

Steve and Janet came to the house Saturday and began the process of cleaning up.

Janet was sweeping the driveway while Steve mowed the lawn and collected trash around the property.

They allowed NBC Charlotte cameras inside the house.

The house was empty except for some odds and ends.

On one wall a portion of drywall appeared to have been removed.

After investigators searched the house last August, the search warrant indicated investigators had removed a portion of drywall that was to be tested for blood.

A court hearing on the eviction is scheduled for October 7 at 9:00 a.m.

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