CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hundreds of families at Silver Oak Apartments in East Charlotte have less than two months to get out and find a new home.

On Tuesday, residents received a notice saying they had to be out by January 11th. The tenants are concerned it's not enough time to move over the holidays.

There's some people that (are) probably going to end up in a homeless shelters because they ain't got anywhere to go, said tenant, Charlotte Flees.

Families living at the complex are livid.

They didn't tell us anything about tearing it down, every time we asked them they said they weren't sure and didn't know what was going on, and then all of a sudden we have 30 days to get out, said Flees.

The property was approved for rezoning back in 2011 for a village like development with stores and dining, but was delayed for years. New tenants say they had no clue when they moved in three months ago that this could happen.

I was shocked, I was not expecting it at all, they never said anything to us when we moved in that this whole redevelopment stuff was in the plans, said one new tenant.

NBC Charlotte spoke with Silver Oaks management over the phone, they say -- they extended 30 day notices so everyone can stay through the holidays and plans have been public knowledge for awhile.

Tenants feel management should have given them more notice.

I mean it's crazy! It's a bad time to do it. It's the holidays, said one neighbor.
There was one public meeting held this week at the library where tenants say they wanted answers but got none.

They didn't want to answer any questions, they just wanted to talk about the development, we don't care about the development right now, we care where our kids are going to lay their head and where we're going to have our next meal and sleep, said Flees.

Once all the residents are out, the tear down is estimated to begin in February of 2014 to make way for the new construction.

The development is expected to be similar to Birkdale Village, with stores, restaurants and with townhouses above them.

It s expected to be three or four stories tall.

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