ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Rock Hill police have arrested 12 reputed members of two rival street gangs.

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Investigators say nine of those charged are members of a gang called 715 FAM and the others are members of 901 KOB.

A lot of our drive-by shootings the last two months have been 715 FAM and 901 KOB shooting back and forth at each other, said Rock Hill Police Spokesperson Mark Bollinger.

Members of 715 FAM have told police in the past that they are rap music artists and there are videos by a group using that name on YouTube.

I call that kind of like their cover, Bollinger said, adding, they do that but they also do this other stuff.

On Jan. 10, a shooting outside a home on Cedar Grove Lane in Rock Hill left one man, 25-year old Michael Giddens, dead from gunshot wounds.

Bollinger said some of those charged as gang members were responsible for the murder, but that the motive was still not known.

Debbie Chance lives around the corner from where the murder happened and was a friend of Giddens.

She said she had no idea why gang members would have been after him.

He was a very well mannered, very smart young fellow, she said.

Investigators say with the arrests of the 12 men, they can now close nearly a dozen violent crime cases, including the robbery near campus of 11 Winthrop University students.

The students all had their iPhones taken.

Investigators say the gang members had a connection in Charlotte where the phones were later sold for about $100 each.

Bollinger said he hoped the arrests sent a message to other gang members and that more arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

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