CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The last of the concrete girders that make up the base of the new Johnston Road flyover onto I-485 are expected to be put in place Friday night into Saturday morning.

Four massive girders remain. Two were hauled in Friday afternoon.

The last of the rolling road blocks for the area will happen between midnight and 5 a.m. as crews maneuver the girders into place.

Work will start on the bridge deck and surface once the girders are in place.

The entire flyover is expected to be finished by the end of June. Cars will be able to drive on it by then, NCDOT officials said.

Once finished, it will mean more capacity and the end of a left turn lane across traffic onto I-485 from Johnston Road. That turn and the wait to make it tests drivers patience.

I sit right here at this light for about 20 minutes, said commuter Brandon Rupert.

Richard McCracken is also tired of getting backed up on Johnston Road.

The faster the flyover gets one step closer to reality, the happier thousands of drivers will be.

I think it will relieve some of the pressure of the traffic here and I've been here for a while and that 485 was a zoo from the beginning, McCracken said.

NCDOT officials say the entire I-485 widening project is 23 months ahead of schedule with plans finish by the end of 2014.

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