CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A war over wages. A popular Charlotte bakery is in a battle with an ex-manager who claims workers aren't paid what they're owed.

Usually known for the sweet treats on the counter and 24-hour service, Amelie s French Bakery now finds itself in the middle of something of a food fight.

I have never been so proud of us, but I've also never been so ashamed. The shame part is how we reacted initially, owner Lynn St. Laurent said.

The managing partner is talking about the way she and the other owners reacted to a former employee's open letter of resignation that was posted on social media.

Justin Miller claims the bakery didn t pay overtime and treated employees unfairly, and he filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor.

St. Laurent was adamant in her response. I believe 100-percent in what we do. I am confident that we take care of our employees. We pay overtime.

But the bakery's initial response that was posted on their Facebook page offended a lot of people, implying most of their more than 100 employees were unemployable anywhere else.

That s the thing that I spent yesterday trying to correct. I wounded our employees by allowing that to be posted, St. Laurent said.

Amelie s employs people that are convicted criminals and were once homeless.

In a second post, called a heartfelt apology, the owner explains her passion to give everyone a fair shot.

This is about offering opportunities to people to become a part of the community and be accepted.

She points to her work with the White House, where she advocates for fair labor practices and small businesses, as proof.

And says she and the man who's filed the claim against the bakery are actually on the same side.

We believe in the same causes. I hope in the end people come to see that we re doing the right thing-- we always have and we will continue to.

NBC Charlotte repeatedly reached out to Miller, but he referred us to a statement on his Facebook page where he says current employees are afraid if they speak out they ll lose their jobs. He also discouraged people from boycotting the restaurant.

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