CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Sources tell NBC Charlotte Cannon was very upset and absolutely surprised when he was arrested Wednesday. Here's a detailed look at how the Patrick Cannon investigation played out.

1. How it started -- In 2010 FBIlaunches investigation against Patrick Cannon.

2. What happened Multi-year investigation, Cannon receives $48K in cash, gifts.

3. Wife, Cannon fly to Vegas -- Undercover agent flew Cannon and his wife to Las Vegas on July 1st to impress investors. Agent paid for hotel rooms and gave Cannon $1,000 in cash.

4. Briefcase full of cash to mayor s office -- During a meeting, the affidavit says, Cannon got a leather Fossil briefcase containing $20,000 in cash.

5. Cannon switched vote against streetcar
-- After being against streetcar, Cannon switches vote.

6. SouthPark apartment In 2012, the FBI leased an apartment in SouthPark. The apartment gave undercover agents credibility and a place to secretly record the mayor. Several times over the next year, Cannon asked agents for an apartment key.

7. The arrest - On Wednesday, Cannon was arrested after he met with an undercover agent at the SouthPark apartment rented by the FBI.

8. Governor Pat McCrory s take - The NC governor speaks on the charges against Cannon.

9. City Council to appoint new mayor
-- City Council handles task for appointing new mayor.

10. What s next? Indictment? Sentence?
-- How the case and sentence can play out for Cannon.

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