CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Over the years, the NBC Charlotte I-Team has repeatedly raised questions about Patrick Cannon using his office for personal gain.

We aired those reports long before the FBI investigated him. Investigative reporter Stuart Watson challenged Cannon in a way no other reporters did.

Cannon s company s E-Z Parking won a lucrative contract with the Charlotte Convention Center way back in 2002, while he was on the city council.

At the time, Cannon assured Stuart he would never profit from his influence Coliseum Authority or any other entity.

When losing bidders complained that it looked like Cannon had a conflict of interest, he said:

I think that's an unfair assessment. You know, the sky appears to be blue but it's not because 75 percent of the earth is water and it reflects off the ionosphere. So appearances? Naw.

Two years in later in 2004, NBC Charlotte s I-Team was again alone in asking question about Cannon profiting from his position. This time, his company won a bid to provide parking services at Carolinas Medical Center, a public hospital, even though he wasn t the low bidder.

E-Z Parking s bid described Cannon as a highly visible member of the city council and said he has special access to contact the necessary authorities to promptly resolve any emergencies.

It's a typographical error, something that shouldn't be there, because obviously no one contacts about those things anyway from CMC, and I think it would probably be inappropriate for me to do that kind of thing anyway, Cannon said.

But that is exactly what he s being charged with doing, 10 years later.

It's inappropriate in my opinion to go out and use your title for something that might give you the edge, per se.

Again, Cannon insisted E-Z Parking was just the best company for the job.

I imagine in CMC s mind we were the best qualified to perform the job. --PC
Don't think it had anything to do with you being a highly visible member of the city council? -- SW
i sincerely doubt that. I ve probably lost deals because I m a member of the city council more than I ve gained deals by way of being a member of the city council. --PC

Then, three years ago, Cannon was again accused of using his influence, The issue then was a contract to provide taxicab service at the Charlotte airport. Two winning bidders at the airport paid $5,000 each to be members of the Hospitality and Tourism Alliance, or HTA.

Patrick Cannon was on the HTA board, and on city council, he oversaw taxicab licensing.

Cannon talked to NBC Charlotte again in 2011.

Does the HTA get any more influence because Patrick Cannon is on its board? SW
Absolutely not and I'll tell you exactly why. Patrick Cannon is there by way of his company. He s not there by way of his public hat that he wears. PC

Mohammed Mustafa is the owner of Universal Cab. He complained bitterly that Cannon was corrupt. Now, he feels vindicated.

I pray God all along that the dark come back to light. Yesterday, all the dark had come back to light.

Thursday, Mohammed Mustafa took his evidence back to the FBI, which he says has renewed interest in looking at the airport taxicab contract as its investigation continues.

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