WEDDINGTON, N.C. -- A sports car seen repeatedly going 100 mph, and dodging in and out of traffic has Union County neighbors on edge.

Deputies are trying to figure out who is driving the car.

It is believed to be a newer model white Porsche 911 GT3 with red accents.

The driver's antics over the last couple of weeks prompted 911 calls.

He went by so fast, he was like a blur. He had to be going over 100, said a caller.

The car has been spotted on Antioch Church Road, Hemby Road and Potter Road in the Weddington area, where 35 to 45 mph is the law.

He's passing people in the no passing area on turns. He's got to be doing about 100. I mean he is dodging in and out and he thinks he is God's gift to the world, the 911 caller said.

Sam Morrison prefers a much slower pace.

Just the peace of mind.

Morrison's fishing hole is right next to one of the roads where that Porsche flies by.

It's just two lanes with no shoulder. He drives it every day, so too his wife and kids.

The thought anyone would repeatedly drive that fast on purpose with so many others around ticks him off.

You would think people would care considering this is a nice, quiet community, he said.

Then we told Morrison what witnesses also saw: the Porsche driver passing five cars at the same time and crossing the center line into the oncoming traffic lane to do so.

Unbelievable, he said. You would think that at that point you would really care about other people's lives.

Deputies say the driver poses a threat to himself and everyone else on the road.

He's a maniac. He's going to kill somebody. He's passing on curves at the yellow line, the 911 caller says.

Deputies are driving through neighborhoods looking for the car and want to talk to the driver.

Despite several witnesses seeing the excessive speeding, officials say they can't issue a speeding ticket unless the driver is caught in the act.

Deputies don't have much to go on right now, including no tag number and no driver description.

NBC Charlotte's Tony Burbeck obtained two calls to 911, they re transcribed below:


Dispatch: 911 where s your emergency

Caller: Yeah, I wasn t sure which number to call. I am on uh... oh my gosh, Potters Road going towards Forest Lawn.

Dispatch: Um hum.

Caller: And there s a guy in a red GT3 RS Porsche. It s white with red on it and he s passing people in the no passing area on turns. He s got to be doing about 100. I mean, he is dodging in and out. I mean he thinks he is God s gift to the world.

Dispatch: You said it s red and white?

Caller: It s white with like red trim inside the lights and it s got the emblem on the side of the car. And he s just... he s a maniac. He s going to kill somebody. He s passing on curves at the yellow line, on double yellow lines. I can t even see him now. I mean, he s... he s gone! He s probably ... he s probably at the roundabout or close to it. But he s going to kill somebody or himself, which would probably be okay... but....

Dispatch: So he s heading towards the roundabout?

Caller: Yeah, I don t think he turned off. But honestly I don t know. He s going so fast... I mean, he went by so fast he was like a blur. He s got to be doing over a 100. He s just in and out of traffic. He was doing it on Monroe Road he s flying down through here. That s not him up near that house is it?! Nuh. But um, I just want to make y all aware of it in case there is an accident. I can t see him not causing one.

Dispatch: Okay.

Caller: I mean, because he passed three cars on a curve.


Dispatch: 9-1-1 Where s your emergency?

Caller: There is a man driving a white Porsche with orange on it at over 100 miles an hour, he s been by here twice this morning already... and would like for the police to come up and check this area out.

Dispatch: Okay where is he at right now?

Caller: Pardon?

Dispatch: Where s he at right now?

Caller: I don t know. He just went past me going west on Julie Church Road towards Providence Road. But he comes by here two or three times a day and been doing this for about three weeks now. I just happened to be out here. I wasn t two feet off the road. And he is... he s passing people on these double yellow lines, and just driving like an idiot.

Dispatch: Okay. And you said he was headed in which direction?

Caller: He was headed west towards Providence Road off Julie Church Road. And it s a white Porsche with uh, it s got like a spoiler on the back and it s got orange on it as we ll but it s mostly white.

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