CHARLOTTE, N.C. Heavy rain around Charlotte Thursday is a reminder that the season is approaching when flooding is most likely to occur.

The county s Storm Water Services Department can t stop flooding in flood plain areas, but what it tries to do is reduce losses from flooding, and at the same time improve the quality of the water before it goes back into area creeks and streams.

One of those areas has been Briar Creek, where it flows under Providence Road near the 1700 block.

Today the creek stayed within its banks but in years past, the area has been prone to flooding.

We d be standing in water right now, said David Woodie, a project manager with Storm Water Services.

The department is about to start digging a detention basin on the property next to the creek.

It is where the old Dore Academy was located until 2012.

Because the school would flood every time the creek flooded, the county used storm water fees and federal grants to buy the building and tear it down.

With the land cleared now, crews will start digging the basin next week.

Storm drains on Providence Road will also be routed into the new basin.

Woodie calls that an improvement over what happens now.

All the water that lands on Highway 16 (Providence Road) is currently going straight into Briar Creek, he said.

Any flood water collected in the new basin will be held in the basin for at least a couple of days and will then slowly be returned to the creek.

And, Woodie said, the water will be clean.

We are treating the water through vegetation and holding in the basin so all the heavy metals and different particulates can drop out of the water, he said.

Meanwhile, Dore Academy has been renamed the John Crossland School and is now located in a modern new building off of Billy Graham Parkway.

It was a win-win, said Woodie. We get them out of the flood plain and we now have the property that we are going to do better things with.
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