CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In her first budget meeting since becoming Mecklenburg s county manager, Dena Diorio recommended keeping property tax at the current rate.

In her budget proposal, the $1.53 million budget maintains the rate at 81.57 cents.

The budget meeting also focused on the CMS request for more money. That portion of the budget comes to $535.7 million. Recommendations allow for a dedicated nurse in every public county school, but are also less than what the district hoped for. The plan advocates full funding of the CMS budget aside from all of the money for proposed raises, County Commissioner George Dunlap said.

CMS officials spoke to NBC Charlotte s Michelle Boudin and set the Senate s current budget plan means losing 1,000 teaching jobs. Michelle will have more on what this all means for the district this evening.

This proposal also gives more funding for housing for the homeless, more for seniors, public libraries and parks and recreation.

Funding will also be dedicated to sporting events like the Belk Bowl and CIAA Championship.
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