Our brains control thoughts, store memories and drive emotions. There is a lot of information for the brain to process, as the average person has about 70,000 thoughts every day.

What if you could make your brain more efficient?

Researcher Jennifer Zientz, MS Center for BrainHealth teaches a brain-building program called Smart Training. She said that the classes are all about saving cognitive capital.

Over your life, what you've done with your brain is you've deposited it. You've used it in certain way that has built up a reserve, said Zientz.

She teaches three strategies:

Integration: breaking down and summarizing information.

Innovation: coming up with solutions to problems.

Strategic attention: blocking out useless details

Dr. Sina Aslan studied the brains of people who completed the program and found that the individual's brain blood flow improved by about 12.6 percent. Also, most of the patients increased the speed of communications across brain networks by 30 percent.

Researchers said they can see brain changes after 12-hours of training, but it is not permanent. Similarly to physical fitness, you have to keep working the brain to see the results.

For example, Chad West had four weeks of brain training and said the classes completely changed my way of thinking.

He earned the two-one-and-none technique: Do the two most important tasks that require the highest level of thinking first.

It helped my brain come up with new ideas, creative ideas, said West. It's helped me feel more relaxed.

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